Bloom’s Critical Views

Bloom’s Critical Views

Bloom's Modern Critical Views

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Harold Bloom (born July 11, 1930) in New York City, is considered by many as the premier literary critic of the 20th century – at least when it comes to English literature.   In 1983 he was elevated to the position of Sterling Professor of the Humanities at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He has written over 40 books, and since 1984 has been the primary critic, co-author, and editor of Bloom’s Modern Critical Views.  Additional works include Bloom’s How to Write about Literature and Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations.  His list of published works and awards spans many decades and numbers into the hundreds including reviews articles, and editorial introductions such as the ones as noted above.   In 1999, Bloom was awarded the much coveted Gold Medal for Belles Lettres and Criticism from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.  Internationally, he has also been acclaimed – being endowed with such awards as the Hans Christian Andersen Bicentennial Prize of Denmark, the International Prize of Catalonia, and the Alfonso Reyes Prize of Mexico. Further accolades include the Melville Cane Award from the Poetry Society of America,and the list goes on and on.

The former are just a hint of the awards and nominations that Dr. Bloom has achieved.  To some, including myself, his achievements are super-human.  If you are interested in any of the topics or persons listed below, I strongly recommend that you read Bloom.

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This is the complete list of Bloom’s Critical Views as of the date of this publication:

Poets: Volume 1
Poets: Volume 2
Aldous Huxley
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Alice Munro
Alice Walker
American Women
Poets: 1650–1950
Amy Tan
Anton Chekhov
Arthur Miller
August Wilson
The Bible
The Brontës
Carson McCullers
Charles Dickens
Christopher Marlowe
Contemporary Poets
Cormac McCarthy
C.S. Lewis
Dante Alighieri
David Mamet
Derek Walcott
Don DeLillo
Doris Lessing
Edgar Allan Poe
Émile Zola
Emily Dickinson
Ernest Hemingway
Eudora Welty
Eugene O’Neill
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Flannery O’Connor
Franz Kafka
Gabriel García Márquez
Geoffrey Chaucer
George Orwell
G.K. Chesterton
Gwendolyn Brooks
Hans Christian
Henry David Thoreau
Herman Melville
Hermann Hesse
H.G. Wells
Honoré de Balzac
Jamaica Kincaid
James Joyce
Jane Austen
Jay Wright
J.D. Salinger
Jean-Paul Sartre
John Donne and the
Metaphysical Poets
John Irving
John Keats
John Milton
John Steinbeck
José Saramago
Joseph Conrad
J.R.R. Tolkien
Julio Cortázar
Kate Chopin
Kurt Vonnegut
Langston Hughes
Leo Tolstoy
Marcel Proust
Margaret Atwood
Mark Twain
Mary Wollstonecraft
Maya Angelou
Miguel de Cervantes
Milan Kundera
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Native American
Norman Mailer
Octavio Paz
Oscar Wilde
Paul Auster
Philip Roth
Ralph Ellison
Ralph Waldo
Ray Bradbury
Richard Wright
Robert Browning
Robert Frost
Robert Hayden
Robert Louis
The Romantic Poets
Salman Rushdie
Samuel Beckett
Samuel Taylor
Stephen Crane
Stephen King
Sylvia Plath
Tennessee Williams
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Pynchon
Tom Wolfe
Toni Morrison
Tony Kushner
Truman Capote
Walt Whitman
W.E.B. Du Bois
William Blake
William Faulkner
William Gaddis
William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare:
William Wordsworth
Zora Neale Hurston

“Bloom’s Critical Views” was written by Brenne Meirowitz, BA, MA, MS.
©2012 Brenne Meirowitz.  All Rights Reserved.


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